About Us

I'm so glad you've found Nee Nee Ree Beads!  My name is Anita Long.  I am an artist speciallizing in working in polymer clay.  Some of my items are mixed media including (in addition to polymer clay) glass, beads, metal, wire, leather, found items, paper, fabric, and more!  

In addition to making and selling unique hand-crafted items, I also publish a blog and teach classes. My permanent location is at The Bitterman Farmer's Market and Mini-Shoppes in Evansville, IN.   I LOVE teaching what I've learned and my mission is to share my passion with as many people as possible both by teaching others to work with clay and to dig deep to find their creative side and by providing unique handcrafted gifts, art, and usable items to the world.

I have been working with polymer clay for about 4 years and am still excited about the possibilities, still learning new techniques, and continually sharpening my focus and honing in on those aspects of my art that bring me the most satisfaction and pleasure.

I am active on social media with Facebook and Pinterest being my venues of choice.  Contact me any of these ways: